The purpose of the Program is the improve the long-term viability and financial strength of Queensland community housing organisations (CHOs), by enhancing and supporting access to training, education, tools and specialist business advisory services.

The main objectives of this Program are to:

  • Enhance capacity to bid for financial assistance for housing growth Programs
  • Enhance capability to deliver further housing supply
  • Increase CHOs capability to diversify operating models to increase affordable housing.

To achieve the above, organisations will have opportunities to apply for business services grants, nominate for a capability and readiness assessment, participate in training or use tools and resources that the program will develop.

Tools and resources will be available to access organisation wide, however face 2 face or webinar learning sessions and workshops will be topic specific so it is best to choose people from your organisation that the topic is most relevant too to attend.

Yes, having your assets assessed for investment and divestment opportunities in order to build a redevelopment pipeline is within scope.

Registered CHOs can be searched by region here. It is a good idea to visit each of the CHPOs websites to find out more about them, what they do and the cohorts they house.

The co-contribution has been set by the Governance Group of the program inclusive of CHIA Qld, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Queensland and Q Shelter in addition to Queensland Treasury and the Department of Communities, Housing and the Digital Economy. The intention is to maximise the funds available to reach as many CHOs as possible. Co-contributions can either be in-kind or financial. The information package about the Grants is due to be released very soon and frequently asked questions will be updated regularly so information that is relevant to all potential applicants is universally available and easy to access.

A total of $5million in funding from Treasury over two years was committed to capacity building activities. Community Housing Futures has been funded $4million over two years. Treasury has retained $1million for additional capacity building support if required and will administer this directly.

Please email us any further questions here

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