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COVID-19 Learning Exchange Notes – 7 April 2020


Queensland Shelter


Fiona Caniglia


Thank you for your continued contributions to the Q Shelter COVID-19 Learning Exchange. Some key points to emphasise include:

  • Your relationship with Regional Directors and Contract Managers is essential at the moment
  • Regional Directors also play an important role in Regional Disaster Management Groups which have specific roles, powers and resources which may also be able to assist your clients
  • They are available to discuss specific regional challenges or the needs of specific households who are difficult to assist or who are highly
  • Care coordination groups are a forum to work on integrated responses for vulnerable individuals and households – please join the nearest one to you. They will meet by ZOOM so everyone is safe. A link to join these groups is provided here.
  • The Place-based Response Teams convened by Housing Service Centres are specifically helping to assist rough sleepers.  Contract HSC managers for referral pathways and to assist individuals and households you are aware of.
  • Contact Regional Directors with accommodation options emerging in your region. We are aware that community and private sector offers are emerging.  Please ensure these are directed to the RD.
  • Visit The Deck for COVID-19 updates: https://thedeck.org.au/update/
  • Register yourself or others for the Learning Exchange: https://thedeck.org.au/event/q-shelter-covid-19-learning-exchange/

Please find below some resources to help you:

I sincerely thank you all for your efforts. I am encouraged and inspired on a daily basis by the countless stories and examples of how services are working creatively and with determination to address the needs of the most vulnerable people in our State. Please stay safe and I hope the long weekend is a time of restoration and connection (within the rules!).


Warmest regards,

Fiona Caniglia

Executive Director

Q Shelter

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