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Occupational aggression, be it physical or verbal, has become a global problem in work settings and occupational groups. The incidence of confrontational situations has gained momentum in recent years and is now a priority concern for most workplaces with a service-oriented environment.

These conflictive situations can occur in a number of settings within the workplace. Either

internally such as face-to-face, telephone or email communication, or externally when offsite

working in the community. Our core training covers the following settings in which these situations occur:

• Face to face

• By phone or email

• In the workplace

• In the field

Our training covers settings and scenarios relevant to your employees and provides staff with the necessary toolkit to manage confrontation and aggressive behaviours. The aim of all our training is to prevent any situation from escalating to physical interaction. We focus on provided informative, practical training where staff learn in an interactive environment.

Please email events@qshelter.asn.au if you are experiencing any barriers for registering.

Due to venue requirements under the QLD Government COVID 19 Mandate, we are only able to allow entry for double vaccinated attendees.

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