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Momentum is building as more and more women over the age 45+yrs grapple with housing. Many won’t be in a position to own their own home and private rental costs and standards contribute to housing stress and greater poverty. Incomes for many will drop to an aged pension only or there is a loss of employment income for an extended period of time. Centrelink’s NewStart payment are grossly inadequate to meet private rental costs.

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All meetings for the HOW take place from 2pm to 4pm. The groups are as follows:
HOW M Coordination Group: bi monthly on the first Wednesday
Working Group One: Advocacy meets on the fourth Monday of every month
Influencing public policy, program and resourcing of HOW M solutions
Working group Two: Innovative Housing Development meets on the third Tuesday of every month
Innovative design models that also take into account aging in place and community connection for older women.
HOW Working Group Three: Small Scale Housing Developers meets on the first Tuesday of the month
Focused on looking at the opportunities and barriers small developers in particular are experiencing in the creation of innovative new homes – co housing, share housing, secondary dwellings

Why HOW might be of interest:

  • You might be experiencing housing insecurity now or know others who are likely to be in the not too distant future. If not you it might be a concern for a friend; family member or acquaintance.
  • You might be a worker in the human services sector and know this situation exists for some of those with whom you work.
  • You might have expertise in the area of advocacy, housing supply related expertise in areas such as design, finance, town planning, financial modelling for shared equity arrangement, legal and contractual matters, land acquisition, building and development experience.

How to connect:

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  • Zoom details and meeting locations will be provided to those registered for meetings
  • The HOW Movement also has a Facebook page. click here  to follow and share.
  • Contact Q Shelter’s Project Lead in supporting the development of the HOW Movement – Maggie Shambrook click here to email  or phone 07 3831 5900.
  • Please feel free to ask us to remove you from further communication at any point.

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