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Stephen Hawkins | Backbone Support

In March 2020, Stephen joined the Service Integration Initiative team at Q Shelter in the position of Service Integration Facilitator to provide backbone support to the Regional Care Coordination Facilitators across Queensland. Since 2008, Stephen has embraced the opportunity to host a number of roles across non-government and government domains. With demonstrated experience in designing and implementing a number of integrative service delivery frameworks, Stephen’s vision is to see a creative a...

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This initiative is funded by the Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW), and delivered by a collaboration of service/agencies: DHPW, Encircle, Integrated Family and Youth Services (IFYS), Redland Community Centre (RCC), Gold Coast Homelessness Network and Q Shelter.

Questions or to learn more? Call Q Shelter on (07) 3831 5900 or click here to email Service Integration Backbone Support