Logan Regional Updates

Tim Johnston | Regional Coordinator

In March 2020, Tim joined the Service Integration Initiative team at Q Shelter in the position of Regional Care Coordinator for the Logan region. Tim has worked in the community space for over 25 years across a number of areas including health, disability, child protection, mental health and in the refugee space. Tim’s area of expertise has largely been in community development, collaborative practice and developing place based responses both at service and systems levels. ...

Phone: 0418730570

Email: tim.johnston@qshelter.asn.au

Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3393118483

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This initiative is funded by the Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW), and delivered by a collaboration of service/agencies: DHPW, Encircle, Integrated Family and Youth Services (IFYS), Redland Community Centre (RCC), Gold Coast Homelessness Network and Q Shelter.

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