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Queensland Statewide

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Monthly Since December 2019


2:00 pm to 3:30 pm




Maggie Shambrook

Phone Number

+6173831 5900

Networks Description

Since the first forum on this topic in December 2019, this group has been meeting regularly to advance solutions to the housing needs of older women.  Made up of community sector, government, private sector and people with lived experience, it works to find solutions and unite various efforts to address needs.

You’re invited to continue or join in this ongoing meeting of persons interested in the issue of older women and access to affordable, amenable, secure and sustainable housing, in fact, their ‘home’.

Discussions to date have highlighted the urgent need for advocacy and the creation of new supply options utilising a range of models that will see women over 55 able to access their ‘home’ in Queensland.

You might be experiencing housing insecurity now or know others who are in this situation or who are likely to be in the near future. You might be a worker in the human services sector and know this situation exists for some of those with whom you work. It might be a friend; family member or acquaintance.

You might have expertise in the area of advocacy, housing supply related expertise in areas such as design, finance, town planning, financial modelling for shared equity arrangement, legal and contractual matters, land acquisition, building and development experience.


If you relate to these situations we are asking you to register to participate so we can stay in touch and you can contribute in different ways as needed.

Meetings are every 4 weeks (excluding January 2021)

Zoom details will be provided on registration