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Gold Coast Homelessness Network Regional Review


Gold Coast Homelessness Network Regional Review


Ryan O'Leary

The Gold Coast Homelessness Network has led a review of the region’s systems, working groups, and collaborative processes to ensure it continues to the positive outcomes achieved in a challenging year.

The Regional Care Coordination has recently undertaken a care coordination trial to collaboratively support people that were rehoused under the COVID-19 response to access sustainable housing outcomes.

This trial process included care coordination meetings and a review workshop, held with the Coalition of Specialist Homelessness Services (COSH) on 27 August 2020 . As part of this review, the COSH has planned how care coordination can strengthen the existing Advance to Zero (A2Z) Panel and provide a multi-service response to improve outcomes for people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.

The GCHN has now completed this review and will announce the schedule of care coordination meetings shortly.

For more information of these meetings, and how you can participate, contact Ryan O’Leary on 0422 846 067 or via email ryano@qcoss.org.au