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Redland Care Coordination Meeting makes the news


Redland Regional Care Coordinator


Patrina Malopito

The Redland Care Coordination Group has been featured in the Redland City Bulletin today highlighting the great work carried out to assist the homeless particularly as a crisis response to COVID19.  The care coordination group is part of the Service Integration Initiative and meets fortnightly to discuss complex, high needs people experiencing homelessness and the vision of the meeting is to offer those experiencing homelessness coordinated services to improve their lives.

The membership is made up of a multi-disciplinary group of specialist services that range from specialist homelessness services, government departments, mental health, drug and alcohol, family intervention, youth services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander health services.   Ancillary membership also includes NDIS, Family and Domestic Violence services and community housing representatives. This multi-disciplinary response is of significant importance because in the Redland region the primary reasons for homelessness are Family breakdown, Mental health, Drug and Alcohol and Family and Domestic Violence. Homelessness is a complex issue that requires a coordinated response.

Referrals are being accepted and if you would like more information please email the Redland Regional Care Coordinator at RCH@redlandcommunitycentre.org for the referral and consent form and for more information regarding the meeting.