Home Regional update Regional Care Coordinators: Patrina Malopito (April – October ’20) and Breanne Tukavkin (November ’20 – )
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Regional Care Coordinators: Patrina Malopito (April – October ’20) and Breanne Tukavkin (November ’20 – )


Patrina Malopito


Patrina Malopito

In April 2020, Patrina joined the Redland Community Centre in the position of Regional Care Coordinator for the Redlands region. Patrina is passionate about strengthening  community connection and cohesiveness and has ten years’ of community sector experience ranging from roles within out of home care, youth, refugee and asylum seeker, families and supported accommodation services  across the greater Brisbane area and internationally.  Patrina has significant sector experience working with vulnerable people specifically those experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness.

Informed by the Queensland Housing Strategy 2017-2027, and driven by ‘Partnering for Impact’ and ‘Partnering for Growth’, the Queensland Service Integration Initiative aims to create better outcomes for people who are homeless or at the risk of homelessness.  The project aims to enhance existing care coordination mechanisms, identify and enable sector capability by building opportunities and encouraging innovation in transforming the housing and homelessness sector.  Auspiced by a number of place-based organisations through funding provided by the Department of Housing and Public Works, there are Regional Care Coordinators located at nine locations across the state; Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Brisbane (x2), Redlands, Logan and Gold Coast.

The Redlands region has developed a Homeless Care Coordination group which meets weekly to facilitate client case management at the acute end of homelessness.   A broader Homelessness Network group is currently also operating in the Redlands area.   This level of collaboration will assist the Coordinator to develop homelessness care coordination framework; ensuring that contemporary person/family centered approaches are utilised when coordinating multi-disciplinary responses for people with complex needs.   This framework will have a strong focus on place-based approaches, that are designed to take into consideration challenges and opportunities that are unique to the Redlands Coast.

This initiative will deliver a homeless integrated response framework that will better equip organisations in the region to effectively respond to homeless clients and those at risk of becoming homeless.

After six months of positive and progressive work, Patrina accepted a new challenge away from the intiative.

To continue the advances made in the region, Breanne Tukavkin joined Redland Community Centre on October ’20. Breanne is extremely passionate about working within the Redlands  community to assist with collaborating, networking and strengthening services for clients. Bree has 14 years experience working within the Redland community service system across a variety of roles which include; Blue Care SMBI Care Coordinator, Community Engagement Officer for Redlands and SMBI, Respite Care Coordinator, Diversional Therapist and Carers Support Facilitator.

Bree has significant experience in working with the communities most vulnerable.