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Service Delivery Framework Design Workshop


Q Shelter


Stephen Hawkins

Q Shelter hosted a workshop on 12th June 2020 to commence the designing of a Service Delivery Framework that will clarify the intiative approach, principles and driving pillars. The workshop was well attended, and Q Shelter would like to thank representatives from Department of Housing and Public Works, Encircle, Gold Coast Homelessness Network and Integrated Family and Youth Services for their attendance and participation.

Adopting a co-design approach, workshop participants were invited to explore the initiative goals and most effective approaches. Additionally, key principles and initiative drivers (pillars) were explored. With the initiative rolling out across, multiple, unique locations the focus of framework development was to ensure that regional diversity was acknowledged and embraced.

With all organisations playing a key role in the contribution to the design and implementation of the delivery framework, Q Shelter will be taking away the valuable input gained from the workshop. Once the delivery framework has been crafted and tested, it will be made available to each of the nine locations.

Q Shelter would like to thank everyone again for their input to this point, and look forward to releasing the framework in due course.