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Service Integration Intiative: Benchmark survey results are in


Q Shelter


Stephen Hawkins

An Action Research framework has been designed to test initiative impact and outcomes across four domains: Care Coordination, Client-centred Outcomes, Service Integration and Workforce Development. To establishment a ‘pre-initiative’ benchmark, a series of enquiries were randomly distributed in the form of a survey to stakeholders across the nine initiative locations. With a response rate of circa 20%, 98 full responses were received, the following findings were evident:
  • Whilst the survey targeted the locations that have dedicated care coordination facilitators, 16.4% of respondents reported not to have been involved in care coordination prior to the intiative.
  • For those that had been involved, 49.3% stated that the quality of care coordination prior to the intiative was rated very unsatisfactory, unsatisfactory or neutral.
  • Around one third (34.3%) reported the  care coordination process to being satisfactory, or very satisfactory.
  • As an outcome of care coordination, client outcomes (very satisfactory or satisfactory) were reported at 61.2%, with service outcomes reported to be 65.7%. 
In reviewing the additional feedback provided in the survey. The top three themes in what worked well were:
  • Capability building, Peer Support and Networking (50%)
  • Processes and agility (28%)
  • Mechanisms to link clients with services (13%).

In focusing on what could be done better, the top three themes were:

  • Enabling and maintaining place-based service commitment to care coordination (27%)
  • Continuance of dedicated care coordination facilitator (23%)
  • Formalising care coordination processes (18%).
These findings will enable the intiative to focus on clear areas of growth moving forward. To strength care coordination workforce capability building events will continue to be a key focus in the coming months, with many locations already planning, hosting or evaluating workshops and forums.
To track the progress of the intiative, the survey will be re-issued during November ‘20, and then again in February 2021. Many thanks to those who have contributed to the intiative to date, and thank you in advance to those who will continue to inform the Service Integration Intiative.
If you would like to be involved further in this study, or have a general enquiry regarding the initiative, you are invited to send your enquiry to sii@qshelter.asn.au