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Sunshine Coast Update

Just a quick update on the homeless response we have been delivering on the Coast these last few months. We have seen over 100+ households housed to-date, which has been an incredible outcome. This has been achieved in collaboration with multiple providers and through a range of responses.

The Housing Pathways Program on the Coast will continue to provide support to 40 adults experiencing homelessness. It is being delivered through a Hub model, with various services co-locating and offering supports and services to residents under one roof.

Individuals seeking accommodation should continue to contact the local Housing Service Centre on 5352 7333 and the homeless hotline as required.

The Care Coordination Facilitator, is strengthening the strategic nature of the Place Based Response Team, and will be driving a regular Care Coordination Panel. Agencies can refer complex homelessness matters to Care Coordination Panel meetings for invitees to explore available options and potential solutions.

The Sustainable Tenancies Group has seen a great number of people supported through a joined up approach, and again we are reviewing how this sits in the model going forward.

We are really keen to hear the views and thoughts of key stakeholders and our broader community, as to how the system can work more effectively, as well as training and capacity building opportunities.