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The NRSCH has been established through consistent state and territory legislation, referred to as the National Law. It was first enacted in the host jurisdiction, New South Wales, and then either applied or adopted thereafter by other jurisdictions. You can access the jurisdictional versions of the National Law here.

Key Publications

  • NRSCH Annual Report 2017-2018
  • NRSCH Strategic Plan 2018-2023
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and Communication Plan
  • Charter outlines the vision, objectives, and regulatory principles, philosophy and practice for the NRSCH.
  • Evidence Guidelines describe the performance indicators and evidence sources for assessing different types of providers against the National Regulatory Code.
  • Tier Guidelines describe the application of the three-tiered registration system based on risk.
  • Enforcement Guidelines set out the enforcement actions available to Registrars under the National Law.
  • NRSCH Regulatory Framework details how Registrars will deliver their functions under the NRSCH.
  • National Law passed by NSW Parliament
  • National Regulatory Code – Fact sheet
  • Provider Registration User Guide
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