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Common Equity Housing Limited: is an enabler….




“The CEHL Housing Program is an alternative to private rental and home-ownership.
It provides long-term tenancies along with co-operative management of housing.
People in the CEHL Housing Program enjoy:
• Secure long-term housing
• Affordable rent
• Contributing to decisions that shape the Program and its housing
• Building supportive communities
CEHL works in partnership with member co-operatives to deliver an effective, sustainable housing program that empowers people and builds strong communities.”

The CEHL Housing Program grew from a grassroots rental housing co-operative movement, in a time of declining housing affordability and growing social dislocation in the 1980s.

The aim was to create a rental housing model in the social housing system which enabled co-op housing members to be directly involved in the management of their housing. The co-ops managed their housing and member tenancies while CEHL would provide co-ops with technical expertise, program management, asset portfolio management and resourcing. The Program evolved to provide housing co-operative models at a larger scale and in apartment buildings.

In celebration of CEHL Co-operative Housing Program 30 year anniversary in 2016, we made a film capturing the history of the program told by founding members and employees.

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