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Making Affordable Housing a Reality in Cities


Cities, Urban Development & Urban Services Platform In Collaboration with PwC Anil Menon, Gregory Hodkinson, Hazem Galal, Jonathan Reckford & Alice Charles


This Insight Report explores both supply-side and demand-side dynamics. On the supply side, these include land acquisition and regulation, upgrading property tenures, financing models, and design and development costs. On the demand side, issues include how to determine eligibility for affordable housing, the range of tenure models for different demographics, and provisioning appropriate access to credit. The Insight Report carefully analyzes each of these challenges for different stakeholders and provides them with specific recommendations to impact the city housing market in a city. It guides decision-makers towards strategic interventions and long-term reforms that can reduce dependence on government support systems and incentivize more commercially viable affordable housing through policies and practices that address systemic gaps in the housing value chain.

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