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Older Australians and their downsizing preferences


Amity James; Steven Rowley; Wendy Stone


This research shows that downsizing, or ‘rightsizing’ as it is often termed, is an integral part of the current and future housing preferences of older Australians. Findings are based on analysis of the Australian Housing Aspirations (AHA) survey and interviews with older Australians and key stakeholders. • • • • • Of the 2,422 older (aged 55+) respondents to the AHA survey, 26 per cent had downsized, and a further 29 per cent had considered downsizing

One of the policy rationales for downsizing is to reduce the underutilisation of dwellings.
However, this is at odds with the attitude of many older Australians who consider spare bedrooms necessary, using them as permanent guest rooms (58%), studies (50%), or dedicated rooms for children or grandchildren (31%). However, two-thirds of downsizers surveyed did move to a dwelling w fewer bedrooms, with three being the preferred size for older Australians (James, Rowley et al 2019)

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