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The Crumbling Australian Dream: An examinationof Australia’s housing sector




“Housing is probably the number one structural barrier to success, security, and a life without trauma and stress” SIVAN – PRIVATE RENTAL TENANT

The McKell Institute is an independent, not-for-profit, public policy institute dedicated to developing practical policy ideas and contributing to public debate.

The McKell Institute takes its name from New South Wales’ wartime Premier and Governor-General of Australia, William McKell. William McKell made a powerful contribution to both New South Wales and Australian society through significant social, economic and environmental reforms.

A home of one’s own has always been a cornerstone of the Australian dream. As this new research paper from Josh Burns demonstrates, it is a dream that is crumbling for far too many

Housing is becoming more and more expensive, out of reach for many first home buyers.

Those who are renting face a lack of long term security in their tenure, and many of the protections that rights to a quality rental stock would provide

A central argument of this paper is that government must play a role to ensure housing is accessible, affordable and of high quality.

It’s not a job for just one level of government, but for all governments as it’s an issue that affects all Australians

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