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How BLCW advanced Shepparton’s pandemic planning




The COVID-19 Delta variant is hitting hard, testing communities, organisations and individuals.
Your pandemic planning is important to meet the impact.
When Delta hit the Shepparton community recently, a quarter of the population of this regional town went into isolation.
With reports that 20,000 people were quarantined, shops shut, services slowed, and the town was unable to access even the essentials.
As soon as she heard from community services organisations about the impact this was having on service delivery, BLCW Regional Coordinator Clare Malcolm launched into action.

“Service providers need to implement strategies on how to rebuild their team’s mental and emotional resilience when it’s depleted,” advises Clare.

Is your community ready?

With the rise of Delta across the nation now is the time to test your organisation’s pandemic planning with real-life scenarios like this one.

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