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Harold Mitchell Foundation Grants


Harold Mitchell Foundation


Applications are currently open for 2021.

The theme this year is programs that target those who are disadvantaged or at risk of harm due to the social or economic impacts of COVIID-19.

Applications will be judged on their creativity and innovation, the appropriateness of their target group, their level of impact, their overall quality, their value for money and their consistency with the funding criteria.

To apply, the ask is for a one-page application, and it should be sent by email to info@hmfoundation.com.au

Your one-page application must provide the following information:

1. A short description of your organisation.
2. A description of your project and how it will achieve results under our theme. Be sure to include how many people you plan to assist and the timeframe for project implementation.
3. How much you are looking for in funding (up to $10,000) and a short budget or description of your costs.*
4. Proof that you have DGR (item 1) status (this can be attached separately).

*Please note that $10,000 is the maximum we grant for individual projects under our community grants scheme. Please do not automatically request the full amount without carefully considering your budget. We will carefully consider your budget and those activities that demonstrate value for money will be most competitive.

Applications must be submitted by Friday 17th September 2021.

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