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Making Zero Count – Service Coordination Resources Handbook


Burkholder-Harris, K., Mifsud, A., & Turner, A. (2019). Making Zero Count: Service Coordination Resources Handbook. Toronto: Canadian Observatory on Homelessness Press.


These resources are intended to support you in developing a coordinated process for working across agencies. This handbook is not a case management tool, but rather, it is meant to help you coordinate the sharing of information across agencies in a consistent and planned way. It is meant to clarify some of the basic information that often gets lost as people work across agencies with a single person.

Ultimately, this is about doing Collective Impact work on a micro-level. This means that there is a common set of goals (working with the person requiring support), and multiple stakeholders from different agencies working together to support that individual. To that end, we have adapted the Collective Impact framework for a frontline context to support service coordination.

We hope that the tools and resources found in this handbook can be implemented within communities to ensure that they are useful and practicable on the ground. With an improved ability to define and measure an end to homelessness, we can more strategically and efficiently move towards our collective goal.

To prevent duplication or key tasks getting missed when there are multiple agencies supporting one individual in the homelessness serving system.

To strengthen consistent communication across multiple agencies all working with one person.

Target Audiences:
Case Managers & frontline staff


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