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Service Integration Initiative: Service Delivery Framework


Q Shelter


The Service Delivery Framework (the Framework) articulates the intent, approach, principles and pillars for care coordination processes across Queensland.

It is a resource for Care Coordination Facilitators (CCFs) and local Care Coordination Groups (CCG) to support the governance, operation and approach to working with clients in providing an integrated service response at the local level. The Framework is intended to provide details on the minimum standards of process, practice, and reporting while encouraging locations to add value by expanding their contributions beyond that described in this Framework.

Aligning with a Collective Impact (CI) approach and continuous improvement, this Framework will be regularly reviewed by Q Shelter and key stakeholders to incorporate the collective learnings from implementation of the Service Integration Initiative (SII) and evidence-based research.

Click here to read the Service Delivery Framework


To complement the Service Delivery Framework document, click here for the Q Shelter informative version providing data on homelessness in Queensland, vulnerable cohorts, Collective Impact, and Functional Zero approaches.




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