Home Tools and Resources Sector Initiatives By 2022, how might we create a pipeline of 100,000 homes for people on very low to moderate incomes?
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By 2022, how might we create a pipeline of 100,000 homes for people on very low to moderate incomes?


Constellation Project email team@theconstellationproject.com.au


In this context, homes mean safe, affordable, accessible, appropriate, and secure homes.
The Constellation Project work happens within a social lab.
This methodology is designed to enable collaboration and accelerate solutions to solve complex social problems.
The social lab is composed of five small teams working on a different aspect of the challenge question.
Each team member contributes specialist technical skills and/or relevant experience.
The more homes lab teams are operating at varying levels of development.
The Constellation Project ways of working draws on agile methodology with a develop, test and iterate approach.
Some of the more advanced concepts are currently being tested with the government.
The Constellation Project newsletter keeps you up to date with the work happening inside the social lab as well as any major news or announcements coming from the project.
The Constellation Project is a growing network of organisations and individuals who contribute, cash, in-kind and/or skilled volunteering for our social labs.

The More Homes Strategy has created the following reports:
– Federal/State Co-Funding Model: A financial feasibility tool that enables federal and state governments to work more effectively together to significantly optimise housing outcomes.
– Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning: A proposal to include social and affordable housing in all new housing developments.
– First Nations Elder Village: A culturally appropriate aged care model that allows First Nations people to maintain the connection to country and community as they age.
– Housing Boost Aggregator: A solution to unlock private investment in social and affordable rental housing supply.
– The Priority Project: A private rentals property register to provide medium to long term housing for women and children impacted by domestic and family violence.

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