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MANDATORY INCLUSIONARY ZONING- Setting targets for affordable homes




The Constellation Project was founded by the Australian Red Cross, Centre for Social Impact, Mission Australia and PwC Australia with a vision to end homelessness in a generation.

Homelessness in Australia is not a problem of knowing, it’s a problem of doing.

The Constellation Project is a growing group of organisations collaborating across sectors including, businesses, governments, academia, philanthropists and not-for-profits to accelerate practicable solutions.

It is not a front-line service provider nor a think tank or research body.

Its role is to build on and test existing ideas with an ambition to deliver practicable solutions at scale.

The Constellation Project began its work on the More Homes pillar to address the chronic shortage of housing for people on very low to moderate incomes.

We know increasing the housing supply is only part of the solution, but we believe it’s a sensible place to start.

In this resource, The Constellation Project takes a thorough look at the opportunities that MANDATORY INCLUSIONARY ZONING offers.

It outlines seven key areas of action.

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