Workforce Wellbeing 2023

Topic of this month is Wellbeing

There is a buzz about wellbeing lately and here at Q Shelter we want to make it easier for everyone working in the housing and homelessness sector to uplift their wellbeing in 2023.

 This year we will be talking about mindfulness, resilience, psychological safety and trying out a range of activities to boost our wellbeing. Not everything will be your jam! But they all represent an approach that helps others improve their wellbeing, so we suggest you give it a try.

This month’s wellbeing topic is Wellbeing. Check out the articles below to better understand wellbeing, how we think about wellbeing and what we can do to prioritize wellbeing in our everyday lives.

2023 is a great year to think about ourselves a little to boost our wellbeing. Looking after ourselves makes us better able to help others.

Check in with the wheel of wellbeing

The Wheel Quiz is a great starting point to identify where your life is at

Headgear App by the Blackdog Institute

HeadGear is a free, easy-to-use smartphone app that guides you through a 30–day mental fitness

Dear Mind website by the Queensland Government

Your mental wellbeing is the unique way that you handle your emotions, respond to stress

Your Happiness Calendar for January 2023

Our monthly Happiness Calendar is a day-by-day guide to well-being. This month, we hope it

4 keys to wellbeing by Dr. Richard Davidson

This article is adapted from a talk by Richard Davidson, neuroscientist and founder of the

Watch – Happiness video by DocMikeEvans (4 minutes)

Wellbeing and happiness go hand in hand. This video talks about the key aspects of

Watch – What is wellbeing by Multi Comfort UK (2 minutes)

Wellbeing is often described as the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy, and people

Listen – Mental Health and Wellbeing podcast

This episode is about mental wellbeing. What is mental wellbeing, how can we look after