Workforce Wellbeing 2023

Topic of this month is Happiness (and laughter)

Happiness, one of the first emotions we learn to identify and easily recognisable on faces across all cultures (and in emojis :) ). So why, when we know what happiness is and what it looks like, why, is it so hard to maintain.

Don’t worry our aim this month is not to permanently relocate to our ‘happy place’, reality will put a stop to that. This month we will explore happiness, how others are finding theirs, how we can manufacture it and why it is such an important part of wellbeing.

From the habits of happy people, we need to think about different aspects of our lives that contribute to our happiness:

  • Close relationships, that build you up and allow you to care for others.
  • Kindness, received and given.
  • Physical wellbeing, that includes exercise nutrition and sleep!
  • Flow, being able to immerse yourself in an activity.
  • Strengths, knowing and using your positive attributes.
  • Meaning, knowing what you do makes a difference.
  • Positive mindset, feeling gratitude, maintaining hopefulness, and other important perspectives.

Let’s take some time this month to think about what ingredients you need in your ‘happiness soup’.

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