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Media Release: Pinkenba site plans disappointing as homelessness crisis persists


Q Shelter



Q Shelter and its members did everything possible to propose and enable the activation of the Pinkenba Quarantine Facility to alleviate housing market pressures.

“It is disappointing that 18 months have passed with no resolution to how the site could play its part to help people,” says Q Shelter Executive Director Fiona Caniglia.

“Even though the site has other strategic purposes we consider it shameful that so much time went by without any way to effectively engage three levels of Government and the community services sector in how the site could play a role, even if temporarily”.

“Time and money has been spent trying to evaluate how Pinkenba could be used and it has taken 18 months to find out that the Federal Government has the site earmarked for another purpose”. 

“The work the State Government has led in recent months on possible temporary accommodation uses at Pinkenba has been welcomed. Brisbane City Council has also contributed to how the site could be used. Both tiers of Government had made funding commitments to support how the site could play its part as a temporary facility.”

“In the middle of a crisis, we can’t afford a decision on a site like this to take 18 months. We call on the Federal Government to find ways to more effectively assist, especially when the State and Local Government have offered funding to help activate the site as a temporary housing option”. 

“The answers to homelessness require seamless integration between all levels of Government and the community services sector. Community services, peak bodies, and two tiers of Government have spent valuable time and money working out how the site could be used. We can’t afford this level of inefficiency and waste when every dollar needs to count.”

“Despite a concerted effort to explore the site’s potential uses to alleviate current homelessness, the site is owned by the Federal Government and required their approval for this purpose. Even though its use as a strategic training facility for the AFP was in the pipeline, 18 months have passed when perhaps the site could have played its part.”

“We are in a crisis. This requires urgency and effective decision-making. It also requires a more effective relationship between the levels of government to reach milestones earlier. If the site was earmarked for other uses, then communicate that early and let us move on to other solutions.”



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Executive Director, Q Shelter, Fiona Caniglia: 0400 196 492

Manager of Policy and Strategic Engagement, Jackson Hills: 0411 395 842

Q Shelter Communications Team: 07 3831 5900 comms@qshelter.asn.au

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