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About Us

The Deck is a clearing house for the housing and homelessness sector in Queensland.

It has emerged from significant interest across the sector including Government and community services, to improve access to research, tools and resources that strengthen practice and build knowledge.

The Deck was commissioned by the Queensland Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy (DCHDE) and Q Shelter has been funded as part of the Partnering for Impact strategy, to develop and deliver the project.

What Is The Deck?

  • A place to share best-practice information, resources, research, tools, jobs and events
  • A hub for collaboration between Queensland’s housing, homelessness and community sectors
  • A community working towards better outcomes for those experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity

What’s New?

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Understanding squatting: An interdisciplinary analysis for effective policy interventions

Through a critical examination of existing literature and evolving perspectives in the policy debate on squatting, this article emphasizes the imperative of recognizing the inherent complexities of this phenomenon.

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Community attitudes towards poverty and inequality in Australia

A seminar on the findings from the ACOSS and UNSW partnership report, presented by Scientia

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Australian cities hollow out as younger families move out and inner suburbs get older

Many families move to afford a freestanding house, but higher density living could save them

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