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Preventing homelessness


Scottish Government


Scottish Government


Health and social care services, children’s services, police and other public bodies will have a legal duty to ‘ask and act’ to prevent homelessness under Scottish Government proposals.

The measures would be part of new laws aimed at preventing homelessness, based on recommendations from an expert group convened by the charity Crisis at the request of the Scottish Government. They would represent the biggest change to Scotland’s homelessness legislation in almost a decade.

Public bodies would have a legal duty to identify anyone at risk of homelessness and either take action themselves or refer on to more appropriate help.

“Becoming homeless is one of the most damaging situations someone can find themselves in.

There is a moral imperative to prevent homelessness, and it is often much easier to prevent than to fix”

This article will provide a link to the 2021 Preventing Homelessness in Scotland Report.

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