Rebecca Mitchell – Board Matters. Facilitator for Governance Training run by Q Shelter


Rebecca is a successful corporate leader and lawyer with over 19 years’ experience providing strategic, legal and regulatory advice across a wide range of Board, CEO Leadership Team and Executive level issues. Focusing her current and extensive skills on managing and resolving high risk legal and commercial issues, Rebecca has acted for and against industry and federal regulatory bodies and is well versed in all aspects of corporate governance and legal risk management including Board, Audit & Risk Committee and CEO level advice and reporting.

With a reputation for her exceptional ability to develop excellent rapport and respect quickly, Rebecca has worked across and within a large and diverse range of organisations, including the Australia Competition and Consumer Commission, Telstra Corporation Ltd and, most recently, with multinationals in the financial services sector. Experienced as a lawyer, a commercial manager and regulatory advisor both domestically and internationally, Rebecca brings a strong and savvy approach to issues management and is able to appreciate (and work effectively with) the array of different perspectives that stakeholders inevitably bring.

A proactive, inspiring and approachable advisor, Rebecca’s long-standing expertise traverses all aspects of corporate governance and legal compliance including governance education/training across organisational levels, bringing Board Matters’ clients the compelling combination of commercial acumen, regulatory and governance savvy and a practical and strategic approach to risk and compliance.