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Homelessness does not necessarily mean rooflessness


Dr. Paul Stolz and Dr. Angela Spinney Faculty of Art Health and Design/Centre for Urban Transitions


Nikki Stefanoff is a journalist at Pro Bono News covering the social sector introduces a research report commissioned by the not for profit Kids Under Cover looks at the effectiveness of its Studio Program on keeping kids off the streets.

A program building relocatable studios for kids has been effective at interrupting the spiral of youth homelessness, new research shows

The A New Place to Call Home study was commissioned by Kids Under Cover to look at the long-term impact of its program on both the young people living in studios and their families and carers.

It found that the studios, which address overcrowding by providing at-risk young people with their own space, independence and a sense of ‘home’, were an effective early-intervention solution to youth homelessness.

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