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What we gain by building more homes in the right places


NSW Productivity Commission


This paper is part of a NSW Productivity Commission series on how to make housing more affordable and make the best use of Sydney’s infrastructure.

This paper builds on the findings of the first two papers, showing the broader social benefits of allowing more homes to be built in the right places.

The paper discusses how policymakers can unlock more homes in high-demand locations:

  • Recognise the benefits, not just the costs, of allowing more people to live in existing areas, and listen to a broader range of people—including prospective residents.
  • Focus on providing access to high-quality open space, which may mean adapting existing open space to suit a community’s changing needs.
  • Take a more strategic and balanced approach to heritage protection—preserve Sydney’s identity while still allowing more homes in inner-areas, enhancing the value of heritage by letting more people live near and enjoy it.


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