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Community Development in Community & Neighbourhood Centres in Qld


QFCA's in partnership with CD QLD


At the 2019 Biennial Queensland Community Development Conference, Bea Rogan (QFCA, Coalition of Community Boards) conducted a workshop to explore the question
“Do we want Neighbourhood Centres taking a lead in applying Community Development practice at a locality level?”

This webinar series was QFCA’s in partnership with CD QLD response to the sector.

This is a series of 5 sessions with senior community development practitioners held over 3-week intervals.
It features shared thinking, questions and practice considerations in conversation with some of Queensland’s most experienced community development practitioners.

Griffith University will parallel the webinar conversation process, tracking and analysing the conversations, providing feedback to participants and documenting the outcomes.
This documentation will ensure the detail of the conversation is shared more widely, agreements that emerge from the process are not lost and that QFCA has evidence to move any agreements forward.

Facilitators: Senior Practitioners Carmel Daveson, Bea Rogan and Maria Tennant.
Griffith University Researchers: Helen Betts, Ann Ingamells and research assistant Natasha Odgers.

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