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Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative


Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy


Through the Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative (QHIGI), we are delivering a strong, coordinated program of capital investment to increase housing across the state.

The QHIGI was established to accelerate the delivery of 6,365 new social homes, through a $1.8 billion investment in a 4-year, integrated capital investment program across the state.

The QHIGI provides opportunities for a range of individuals, organisations, developers and housing providers to deliver more housing for those who need it, through a framework to boost housing supply. This includes a strategic, cross-government response, for planning and economic development opportunities and access to underutilised government-owned land.

The QHIGI is being delivered through 3 funding initiatives:

  • The Housing Investment Fund—funding partnered projects to increase social housing and additional affordable housing supply
  • QuickStarts Qld—a capital investment program to accelerate construction, redevelopment and purchase expenditure to deliver new homes sooner
  • Help to Home—partnering with property owners, landlords and registered community housing providers to deliver housing outcomes to people in need.
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