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The Business of Tomorrow


ocean publishing


This book offers systems founded on needs rather than debt, and as such alters reality through new housing, trading, and energy systems.

The to be launched by the end of the month, is the Guardian Right registry for the new needs-based Guardianship housing system designed to reduce the cost of housing by separating the house from the land with a rubber band.

This immediately reduces the cost of a house when you take land from the equation, and what's more, as everyone becomes owners, tenancy and tenant/landlord issues disappear.

Renters will become owners, Property owners will become Housing providers, and Investors will be able to make greater returns in our fixed market which reduces.

For affordability, adding stock to the system, creating longer occupancies, and making every property transparent through the creation of two new property options, this system gives Australians everything we want.

Further info on the 'New Housing System for 2024' facebook page to give a heads up on what we propose and how it will be implemented, and how taxation and certain agencies will be affected, and the reserve bank lever which always adds to the problem will not affect this system.

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