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Yes in my Backyard – YIMBY




YIMBY Qld is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in 2017 under the banner of YIMBY Australia. It is part of a growing, global YIMBY network.

We want housing to be available to everyone, and so our message is simple: we say YES TO GOOD DEVELOPMENT.

As house prices and rents escalate, YIMBYs are a voice for people asking, “What is my future in this city?” We want more housing, different types of housing, and the businesses and services that make our cities and regions work. More housing in different forms improves affordability and ensures more people can live in a home appropriate to their lifestyle.

However, YIMBY Qld is not yes to anything and everything; quality is important. We want to inspire good development outcomes that feature one or more of the YIMBY Qld qualities: COMMUNITY DIVIDEND, INNOVATION, SUSTAINABILITY, AND DESIGN EXCELLENCE.

YIMBY would love to hear from you! Simply fill out the online contact form by clicking the button below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can email us directly at: info@yimbyqld.com.au

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