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Housing Access Rating Tool (HART)


University of Melbourne in collaboration with local and state authorities.


HART is a 20 point tool that scores Greater Melbourne and Geelong for access to key social services, amenities and public transport.

This tool is intended to help decision-makers identify locations for future affordable and social housing.

This map also highlights government-owned land with the potential to support affordable housing across Greater Melbourne.
Plan Melbourne, the latest 30-year plan for Greater Melbourne, commits the state government to exploring a series of policy responses to the housing crisis, including utilising government
land to host social and affordable housing.
This report responds to this commitment by identifying over 195 hectares of government owned land that can host over 30,000 social and affordable homes.
Use of lazy government land for affordable and social housing offers three simultaneous benefits: it can minimise
– the impact of spatial dislocation of low income households, it can
– reduce social housing development costs, and it can make more
– efficient use of existing government assets.

Learn more about the methodology, sites and opportunities in this report.

PROJECT 30,000:
– Palm, Matthew
– Raynor, Katrina
– Whitzman, Carolyn

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