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Indigenous People and Home Ownership Assistance


Australian Government


IBA serves, partners and invests with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who want to own their future.

We go further than provide money; we invest in people, places and ideas that can’t wait.

We help make them real.

We’re deeply invested in the financial success and economic independence of Indigenous Australians. 

It’s why we exist.

Budgeting for Home Ownership Workshops
Do you want to buy a home but need to know more about the financial responsibilities that come with it?

Maybe you would like to learn how to plan for buying your own home?

We offer free workshops that can help you learn how to budget and plan to reach your goals.

Topics that are covered in the workshop include:

  • understanding my money story
  • what do I want from a home?
  • developing my money plan (budget)
  • the road to becoming a homeowner
  • now I am a homeowner.
    If you would like to see one in your area fill out the form using the link provided.                                                                                                If we get enough responses to run a workshop near you, we will let you know.
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