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A seminar on the findings from the ACOSS and UNSW partnership report, presented by Scientia

Digital Security for Nonprofit Organizations

Publication Date: 28 November 2023

After completing this course track, you will be able to describe the five steps to

Think a cyber attack wouldn’t happen to you?

Publication Date: 28 November 2023

This is a PwC cybersecurity webinar for not-for-profit organisations. Interactive virtual activity Cyber threat detection

Cyber security essentials guide

Publication Date: 28 November 2023

Cyber security can seem daunting; but if you think of it as risk management rather

Cyber security essentials for NFP staff

Publication Date: 28 November 2023

Can you spot a phishing email? Could you identify a malicious or fake website?  This

Ending Child Poverty in Australia – BSL Talks

Publication Date: 27 October 2023

Special Anti-Poverty Week edition of the Brotherhood of St Laurence (BSL) Talks webinars. Focuses on

Pursuing Cognitive Diversity with Matthew Syed

Publication Date: 21 December 2021

This is a 6-7minute video that gives a quick insight into the value of different

A short presentation highlighting the importance of cognitive diversity in the workplace. As individuals, we

Video of a housing-focused community Forum solutions hosted by Amy MacMahon local Greens MP for

n 1934, the newly installed housing director of Leeds city council, RAH Livett, toured Europe