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Mid Year and End of Year


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Jackson Hills

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+6173831 5900

Networks Description

Q Shelter has a history of supporting place based housing and homelessness networks across Queensland to share information, identify common needs and gaps in housing and homelessness service provision, and advocate for change and influence. Regional placed based initiatives are important to the work of Q Shelter as they provide extensive reach into regions in such a decentralised state. They provide an essential gateway to providers and place based responses. Q Shelter currently support two regional place based approaches; the Regional Representatives meeting and the Service Integration Initiative. Q Shelter convenes the Regional Representatives meeting twice a year with network representatives.

These meetings allow Q Shelter to provide information and resources to regional networks, and for the networks to share valuable information to support our capacity building activities. This two-way communication enables Q Shelter to act as an effective voice for the sector on commonly identified issues, and provides further opportunity for the sector to provide meaningful engagement with the Department of Communities, Housing, and Digital Economy (DCHDE) on critical matters for the sector and the regions.

The Service Integration Initiative aims to create better outcomes for people who are homeless or at the risk of homelessness by enhancing existing care coordination mechanisms, identifying and enabling sector capability building opportunities and encouraging innovation in transforming the housing and homelessness sector. Funded by the Department of Communities, Housing, and Digital Economy, Q Shelter provides a backbone support role for Regional Care Coordinators in nine locations across the State.

If you are part of a regional Housing and Homelessness Network that would like to become a Q Shelter regional representative please contact Q Shelter.

Regional Representatives meet twice a year. Here are some of the Regional Forum events held.

August 2022