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Navigating human rights in a pandemic


Judy Skatssoon


“There can be little doubt COVID-19 has forever changed the public’s conception of government, human rights and what is possible in this state. We see limitations on those freedoms that would not long ago have been unimaginable” “The human rights failures we see are not deliberate – those in authority simply fail to properly consider or balance some of the fundamental principles that underpin our basic freedoms.” as stated by Victoria’s Ombudsman Deborah Glass

The right to be treated humanely when deprived of liberty, which did not occur when residents were put into immediate lockdown without ensuring they had enough food or medication, Ms Glass found in a report released last year.

On Wednesday Ms Glass she tabled a case book listing examples of human rights complaints received over the last 12 months, including human rights in a pandemic, in the community and in closed environments.

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