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Support For Community Housing




Find out why local residents object to community housing and how to best work with them.

Showcasing good examples in design, development and management can help to overcome such concerns.

The case studies featured in the article as well as those featured in project reports are the outcome of successful partnerships between community housing providers and local government, State Government and/or private developers.

How can we build support for affordable housing?

Anticipate opposition and be proactive

Even if you are in a ‘low risk’ area, it can be a good idea to expect that there may be community opposition to your development.

Being prepared and proactive is a good precaution.

‘Successful’ developments have engaged the council and the community (particularly those immediately surrounding the development) well before a development application is lodged.

They continue this engagement long after the development is approved and occupied.

Resources are provided to support community housing, developers and local governments to build more affordable housing.

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