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One of the main objectives of the Workforce Connect project is to develop resources to support the promotion of employment opportunities in the housing and homelessness workforce in Queensland with the goal of attracting people to the industry. We’re shaping those resources based on your input and ideas from the 14 workshops we’ve held across Queensland.

Browse some of the early ideas below and send us your feedback, or add them to our inaugural Sector Survey.

Promoting working in the sector

Some of the team were thinking about what we might write in a social media post to promote working in the housing and homelessness sector. We drafted a piece that was inspired from a combination of connecting with so many of people over the last few months in workshops, and a social media article that we recently viewed.

We’d like to hear what you think about it – please send us your feedback.

Article draft

What does it mean to work in the housing and homelessness sector?

It takes a mixture of skill, passion and dedication to work in this field, with a broad range of employment opportunities available.

You could be helping to support people into appropriate housing, working in a position that develops and builds new social and affordable homes, or even the CEO of a Specialist Homelessness Service or Community Housing Provider, to name just three of the varied possibilities.

What about supporting families and individuals to navigate the complexities of homelessness and housing stress? If that interests you, you could support a range of people, including those who may initially resist assistance. Whether you’re engaging with teenagers or adults, you’ll help people work through challenges and seek housing solutions as well as outcomes for other life goals.

Or you could work in community housing, building relationships that support people to live well in their homes and communities, and getting involved in planning and developing affordable new homes and communities. Whether you’re engaging with tenants, neighbours, or builders and developers, you’ll help people thrive in their homes or provide more homes for people in need.

There is opportunity for you to develop your career in this growing sector. There is increasing demand for homelessness services, and more social and affordable housing is required to meet the needs of vulnerable Queenslanders who are facing housing stress.

In this remarkable journey, resilience is your power. Working in this sector offers you the chance to explore uncharted territories, engage with people from diverse backgrounds, and comprehend their unique stories. It calls for a curious, adaptable mind.

Some of the interest areas of people working in the sector are understanding tenant rights, mental health issues, collaborating with agencies and government departments, navigating legal intricacies, and unlocking the nuances of community services. The ultimate aim for us all, is to see every Queenslander with a home.

At times, you’ll be a compassionate, patient listener, lending an empathetic ear. And there will also be moments when what you do will be a catalyst for change that can shape lives in profound ways.

The beauty of this sector is that it’s not just about challenges, it’s also about the profound impact you can have on people.

These are not just jobs; they are real opportunities to be a beacon of hope and a force for positive change. It calls for a unique dedication, a compassionate heart, and an adaptable spirit. The housing and homelessness sector is where you can be the difference that matters.

The visual story from a workshop

At our Brisbane Workforce Wellbeing, Attraction and Retention Workshop, we were joined by Visual Storyteller, Indi Tansey, who captured the conversations and main themes in the room to produce the visual above. We plan to use this and other tools from all 14 workshops held across the state to produce more visual resources and assets.

Watch the video of how the final story image came to life throughout the workshop.

Wellbeing resources

We’ve built a collection of wellbeing resources you can tap into at any time. Articles, videos, activity lists, interest groups and more, on topics as broad as mindfulness to laughter, and from sleep to ikigai.

Don’t know what ikigai is? Follow the links to learn more

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