Workforce Wellbeing 2023

Workforce Wellbeing
A person stands on rocks looking at the sunset. Photo by Samir Belhamra

Topic of this month is Being in Nature

When was the last time you were in a natural environment? How did you feel? What did it smell like? What did you see and hear?

Being in nature is such a normal thing for us humans. I am sure it is a natural instinct that compels us to pack up, taking the time to organise food, shelter, sleeping bags and all manner of other things, before heading off on a weekend away. What is driving us to put in so much effort to spend time in nature?

While camping might not be everyone’s thing — some might prefer a spa retreat in a rainforest — we are driven to spend time in nature because it is good for us. And science agrees!

Check out some of this month’s resources, understand a little more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander connection to Country, how the Japanese introduced the world to “Shinrin-yoku” or forest bathing, as well as the benefits of bare feet and wild swimming.

Whatever you like to do in nature, try and fit it in this month. It is for your wellbeing.

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