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Tenant Participation (Q Shelter Learning Exchange held June 2022)


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Tenant participation is an important part of the work undertaken by Community Housing Providers, it is a two-way process involving tenants working in partnership with providers to share ideas, information and have input into decisions to improve services.

In June 2022, Q Shelter hosted a Learning Exchange with various speakers to unpack this topic in more details. The speakers were:

  • Robert Perrier, Q Shelter Management Committee member
  • Terry Green, Queensland Registrar
  • David Schrueder, Victorian Registrar and Emeritus
  • Professor David Hayward, Chair of the Victorian Government’s Social Housing Regulation Review (tenant participation as it relates to the National Regulatory Framework in Queensland and The Victorian Regulatory Framework.)

Here is the information and slides that were presented as part of the learning session:


One bite at a time_Tenant Participation

Learning Exchange Presentation – Tenant Participation within National Regulatory Framework

Social housing regulation review reform pillars

Housing Registrar – Tenant participation

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