Workforce Connect Draft Resources for Feedback

We’ve valued your input from our Workforce Connect consultations and sector survey, leading to the development of a draft Wellbeing Framework and associated resources. A preliminary literature review and further research were also undertaken to inform best practice. Homelessness Queensland and Q Shelter have worked with specialist consultants to develop these resources.

Before we launch, we’d now like to hear your feedback on the draft Framework and resources produced.

Access any of the resources below that you find interesting then give your anonymous feedback prior to the 1st June 2024. Your valuable time is appreciated.

The following feedback options are below for your convenience. Please either:

  1. Click the corresponding green button OR
  2. Scan the QR code to access the feedback form

If you are joining us at one of our free workshops, hosted by Q Shelter and Homelessness Queensland, you’ll have the opportunity to provide any further feedback in person. CLICK HERE to register for an event in your area.

If you have any questions about the feedback process, please e-mail


Step 1: Read any resource of your choice below

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How did we get here?

The visual story from a workshop

At our Brisbane Workforce Wellbeing, Attraction and Retention Workshop, we were joined by Visual Storyteller, Indi Tansey, who captured the conversations and main themes in the room to produce the visual above. We plan to use this and other tools from all 14 workshops held across the state to produce more visual resources and assets.

Watch the video of how the final story image came to life throughout the workshop.

Wellbeing resources

We’ve built a collection of wellbeing resources you can tap into at any time. Articles, videos, activity lists, interest groups and more, on topics as broad as mindfulness to laughter, and from sleep to ikigai.

Don’t know what ikigai is? Follow the links to learn more

Listen - wellbeing resources