Workforce Connect Draft Resources for Feedback

The following resources have been developed from a combination of connecting with workers within the sector around Queensland through face to face workshops and professional expertise of various contributors. Prior to developing these resources any further we want to gain your feedback.

Access any of the resources below that you find interesting then give your anonymous feedback prior to the 1st May 2024.

The following feedback options are below for your convenience. Please either:

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Your valuable time is appreciated.

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Wellbeing Framework
Organisational Wellbeing Policy
Organisational Wellbeing Pledge Poster
Organisational Wellbeing Plan Template
Organisational Wellbeing Plan Guidelines Template
Organisational Wellbeing Action Plan
Burnout Guidelines
Workplace Burnout Poster
Supervision Template
Salary Packaging Info Sheet
Onboarding Info Sheet
Rewards & Recognition Information Sheet
Supervision Guidelines

How did we get here?

The visual story from a workshop

At our Brisbane Workforce Wellbeing, Attraction and Retention Workshop, we were joined by Visual Storyteller, Indi Tansey, who captured the conversations and main themes in the room to produce the visual above. We plan to use this and other tools from all 14 workshops held across the state to produce more visual resources and assets.

Watch the video of how the final story image came to life throughout the workshop.

Wellbeing resources

We’ve built a collection of wellbeing resources you can tap into at any time. Articles, videos, activity lists, interest groups and more, on topics as broad as mindfulness to laughter, and from sleep to ikigai.

Don’t know what ikigai is? Follow the links to learn more

Listen - wellbeing resources
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